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Michael Marley is owner of Quantum Bell Inc. Registered. The term bell is selected because it is an early distance signaling device. Training for Quantum Bell can be asked for by contacting QBI directly, and is available by increment basis.

Operating units and properties include innovations from MarleyLABS.net.

You can discover more projects and opportunity for cooperation or participation at anARK.net.

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Michael is Owner of Quantum Bell Inc. Michael Marley earned fellow at anARK in 2018, three years after founding the Elluminous Organization and after seven years of Time Research. In 2014-2015 an event was witnessed in the sky that defied modern scientific explanation and resulted in the founding of Quantunnel research to explain it resulting in the discovery of Ruler v1.3, RULE, ToTLR, PMTM, and among other topics necessary for the research group. A theory of relativity was originated in the early 2000s, and where some of the first public discussions were incorrect. 6 years later, the information set reminds me of just how much I did not know then. In 2016, the State of Florida employees acting with a judicially empowered unit of the state, and on behalf of detectives at the local, state, and federal level, knocked on the front door of Michael's family and insisted "Michael is God," and in writing, while asking what god looked like and instructing to tell the President of the United States. After 2 years of consideration, Michael reluctantly accepted and proudly displays the designation knowing it might be used to make a statement regarding induction deployments, flight deliverables, and weaponized media as terrorism, and is the only Fellow of anARK with allegations by a State in the Union of the United States of America. Michael has written over 20 self reference note books, and has been researching the foundation studies for Quantum Bell and our Elluminous Chapter of an Ark. He is currently a proprietor and domain manager at Governmentofanarch.com and maintains a directory of chapter development that is available at anARK.net

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